Our History

Smet Jet international

Smet Jet NV, Belgium, started off in as a domestic sewer cleaning company in 1974

(40 years ago).
The current headquarters is situated in Oevel, Westerlo, Belgium and boasts branches in five other destinations over Belgium and France.

Smet Jet consists of a Fleet of more than 200 vehicles, including ultra-modern vacuum trucks, an assortment of high-pressure cleaning trucks and support vehicles.

Safety has always been the foundation of our company. Since 1996 Smet Jet has been awarded the VCA Certification in Belgium.

All operators of our equipment have undergone world-class safety training and are reexamined,and certified every two years. All new employees must undergo intensive in-house training and be certified before commencing any task. All training will be conducted by a Smet Jet Africa Training Official.