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Smet Jet Africa - Industrial Clever Cleaning

Water Jetting 

What is
Water Jetting?

Experience the power of water jetting: a precision cleaning process utilizing high-pressure water jets to remove dirt, debris, and unwanted materials from surfaces. Also known as HP Cleaning, this environmentally friendly technique requires no chemicals or abrasives, ensuring safety and efficiency. With adjustable pressure levels, water jetting is suitable for various surfaces and applications, from surface cleaning to cutting and preparation. Its versatility extends to reaching tight spaces and complex machinery, making it an ideal solution for diverse cleaning needs. Enjoy reduced cleaning time and costs, improved surface quality, and sustainability with water jetting.

Learn more with the WATER JETTING PROFILE

Services we Provide

\\ HP - High Pressure Cleaning: 

Utilizes high-pressure water jets to remove dirt, grime, and debris from various surfaces, delivering thorough cleaning results.

\\ SUHP - Super Ultra High-Pressure Cleaning:

Offers the highest level of cleaning power, tackling even the most stubborn dirt and residues with precision.

\\ UHP - Ultra High-Pressure Cleaning:

Employs ultra-high-pressure water jets for deep cleaning applications, effectively removing tough stains and contaminants.

\\ Hydro Demolition:

Utilizes high-pressure water jets to remove concrete or other materials in a controlled manner, ideal for demolition applications.

\\ Specialized Tank Cleaning:

Specialized cleaning service tailored for tanks, ensuring thorough removal of sediment, scale, and other residues to maintain optimal functionality and safety.

\\ Automated and
Semi-Automated Systems:
  • Line Moling - Back Out Preventer:

    • Semi-automated system for cleaning pipelines using a back out preventer.

  • LTC:

    • Semi-automated system for efficient cleaning of equipment and surfaces.

  • Peinemann:

    • Automated cleaning system designed for specific industrial cleaning requirements.

  • IBC - Inside Bundle Cleaner:

    • Automated system for cleaning the interior of heat exchanger tubes and other bundled structures.

  • OBC - Outside Bundle Cleaner:

    • Automated system for cleaning the exterior of heat exchanger tubes and bundled structures.

  • Mechanical Cleaning:

    • Utilizes mechanical devices (bullets) and tools for effective cleaning of surfaces and equipment.

  • Brush Cleaning:

    • Utilizes rotating brushes for thorough cleaning of surfaces, ideal for removing stubborn residues and deposits.

\\ Manual Cleaning -
Hand Gun:

Offers manual cleaning services using handheld water jets, providing flexibility and precision in cleaning applications.

\\ Cold Cutting:

Provides precise cutting services using water jets at ambient temperature, suitable for various materials without the need for heat.

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