Who We Are

 Smet Jet has a strong and diverse management team consisting of people with relevant technical experience. We at Smet Jet strive to provide excellence in industrial cleaning services and safety to satisfy the challenging needs of our customers. Our customers are evidence of our achievement.


Based on our experience in the Cleaning Industry, Smet Jet has a competitive edge in the following areas:

Our professional cleaning systems are designed to cater to our client’s customized needs to achieve the best and results.

Our very experienced technical staff and Belgium trained operators aspire to deliver high quality services.

Our equipment and technology together with the right choice of quality chemicals used in executing our task enables us to ensure a better result.

With these expertise, we what to do the work SAFER, FASTER and SMARTER whilst always keeping the client’s and our best interest at heart.

The South African based company has joined hands with our Belgium Partners in developing a Training Centre that will enable us to receive World Class training in the Industrial Cleaning Industry at our own premises in South Africa. This training is based on the SIR- (European) standard.

Smet Jet will take full responsibility of your premises and ensure that we will employ our best effort in meeting all your requirements.

At Smet Jet whether your business is small or large, you will get the same professionalism from us.

Assuring prospective clients our best services, we hope your good self will give us the opportunity to establish a cordial relationship.

Our Cleaning Experts

High Pressure Cleaning

Chemical Cleaning

Vacuum Cleaning

Sykes Pumps Cleaning

Catalyst Handling

IRIS Inspection

High Pressure & Chemical Cleaning:

High Pressure Water Jetting (100 to 2800 bar HP, UHP and SUHP)

Shutdown Work

Automated Boiler Tube Cleaning

Automated Tank De-gassing and Cleaning

Automated Tube Bundle Flex-Lance Cleaning

Boiler Cleaning

Drain Cleaning

Floor Cleaning

Heat Exchanger Cleaning

Pipe Cleaning

Sump Cleaning

Tank Cleaning

Diesel Tank Cleaning

Gasoline Tank Cleaning

Concrete Demolition

HP Water Cutting of Steel Pipes / Plates in explosive zones

Coating Stripping

Surface Preparation

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Vacuum Cleaning:

Boiler Cleaning

Drain Cleaning

Industrial Plant Cleaning

Sump Cleaning

Tank Cleaning

Dam Vacuuming

Diesel Tank Vacuuming

Hazardous Materials Vacuuming

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